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All the Good Things


After on/off rain all day yesterday, followed by a few minutes of hail, we were rewarded with this amazing sight.


The kids and I also had ‘cooking together night’ last night. There ended up only being one child at home after school and so she and I made an afternoon of it with going to the boulangerie to pick up bread, then the little grocery store to pick up apples, butter, peppers and tomato sauce for dinner. We took a look at where she’s going on vacation with the family (Greece) and made airplane noises as we traced the distance on google maps. Then, mon petit Monsieur and I made this apple crumble.  Which was absolutely delicious and so super simple.


4d8a9096de3e11e2bb5822000a9e060e_7Also under ‘good things this week’, one of my best friends sent me a care package and included my favourite magazine of all time, which I’m saving for my bus trip in 10 days. I also finally booked my tickets this week and my summer is (more or less) planned out and I can’t wait to share the details with you all because it’s going to be really exciting and a whole lot of fun and includes long bus rides across parts of Europe and that in and of itself is going to be interesting.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This article – (For end of the week food for thought.)

+ And this article – (For the economics of football transfers.)

+ This photojournalist’s blog – (You’d recognize his work. Start here.)

+ This recipe – (Salivating all over my computer. Someone get me some lobster. Please.)


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