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I haven’t forgotten about my blog, but so much change happened so quickly and I moved jobs and started commuting for work. My days tend to end with me passing out on the couch when I come home and spending my days off catching up on the laundry and the grocery shopping and the bathroom cleaning I haven’t done during the week. But it’s been good.

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Instead of coffee and food and monuments and colourful streets, I take photos of sports and cheque presentations, of groups and various performances. I attend county council meetings and have a standing Monday afternoon interview time with the local team’s hockey coach. I’ve taken my computer in three times to get fixed and contemplated the costs of a new one vs. getting it fixed. My camera and my 70-200mm are currently both off getting repaired at the moment.

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It’s been busy and frustrating and wonderful but I haven’t known how to translate that change to this blog, of transitioning from travel and adventure and colour to countless hours of hockey, of late nights at the office, of my daily drive from Wetaskiwin to Camrose. The transition of ‘au pair in Madrid’ to ‘reporter in Camrose’ is not one that brings with it fascinating new destinations and restaurants and I haven’t known how to find the words to make it interesting.

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And yet, over the last few weeks, I’ve found that I crave more. I miss wanting to take out my camera and taking photos that are not for work. I miss writing words that don’t fit in an article space, that are mine and unique and my thoughts. So I’m going to try. I will breathe life back into this blog. I will work on documenting the little things once again and sharing photos of my day to day. Because while it’s different, it’s good and challenging and there have been surprises and I’ve learned a lot, about this job and myself. So here’s to coming back.


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