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The thing with taking photos for my job is that I no longer take photos of the little things. Not the way I used to when I would go out and take photos of everything I saw that interested me. There’s old brick buildings downtown with old chocolate ads and business names that no longer exist that I go by every week and I tell myself that I’ll ‘eventually’ get a photo of them.

AMC - StockmensOf course, lack of photos means that, when I think about what I’m going to blog about, I see myself digging through all my work photos. While some of them (like the ones here) I’m fond of, when I have stacks of photos that are merely cheque presentations or group photos, photos that are definitely wanting when it comes to their interest level. So thank goodness for Instagram.


Starting today, #the100DayProject kicks off and what better timing to get back to photographing the little things like I used to? While I’m going to give myself the leeway to use my phone, the goal will be to use my ‘regular’ camera to capture the non-work related things around me. It’ll also give me a chance to get back to just playing with my camera, something I know I need to do more of and yet haven’t given myself the time to do.

AMC - Biathlon01Normal

You would think that, working with it on a daily basis would mean I’ve become quite confident in my abilities, but I’ve found over the last few weeks that I’ll look back and realize I could have done a much better job if I had done such or such a thing instead and I don’t always get second chances to fix those errors. The other side is that I really do like taking photos and giving myself the time and permission to rediscover the things I loved about it will translate into me being a better photographer and producing better work.

AMC - FlagRaising01Have any of you thought about joining #the100DayProject? What are your projects? Let me know so I can follow along wherever you’ll be posting them!.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This grilled chicken recipe – (We’re testing it out this evening and I’m excited!)
+ These shoes – (I have become obsessed!)
+ This print – (I’ve been pinning tons of boats lately.)


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