Things I’ve Been Reading


Between my daily dose of Next Draft and theSkimm, collecting pieces from The Millions,  The Paris Review, The Atlantic and The New Yorker  to read, I have a bit of a collection of articles, short stories and poetry to share. Anything I find of interest, I save to Pocket (which I highly, highly recommend) and read while I’m at the pool/beach/have five minutes to kill/pretending to be busy/etc.  and, if you’ve got anything you’ve read lately of any interest, share it in the comments. I tried as best I could to keep everything fairly coherent. Under each heading you’ll find articles or essays on that particular topic. Other than poetry, fiction and interviews. Those are exactly what the label says.  I’ve also put an asterisk next to my favourites because I’m slightly biased like that. Happy reading! Continue reading


The Liebster Award


I’m honoured and very touched to have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Shani from She Dreams in Perfect French.  The general gist of the Liebster Award is to acknowledge the hard work of bloggers who don’t have a huge blog following.  (The Liebster link I posted takes you to a post explaining how rules/numbers have changed over time. At one point it was 3k, then 1k and now some people are saying 200 followers. I’m going to go with 1k for my nominations.)  Continue reading


Favourite Photogs: Dustin Aksland

aksland_willis_earl_beal_2Awhile back in my ‘Things I’m Loving” I linked to Popfoto, a site for photographers on photography. One of the main things they do is interview other photographers, which I absolutely love. It’s so interesting to read about how other people got to where they are and what influences and inspires them.  Included in the interview, of course, is a preview of the photographer’s work. I love the format because it mixes words and breaks up what could just be an endless stream of photography and helps put some of it into context. I’ve had Dustin Aksland‘s interview in my tabs for what feels like ages (it’s only been a few days), but I’m really glad I finally sat down and read it.

Continue reading

Madrid, Spain

Remembering Skating


I wasn’t one of those kids who was skating before she could walk. I’m not even really sure how old I was before my parents strapped my feet into a pair of skates. I am a winter baby though, so I’m sure it was sooner rather than later. What I do remember, though, is that I loved it. I have memories of my family at Bud Miller, me in a burgundy snowsuit, hot pink helmet (how times have changed), little white figure skates and my dad giving me a head start before catching up, scooping me up as he skated the two of us to the edge of the lake.   Continue reading

Good Things, Misc.

Good Things


1. We went skating Saturday night and even though my feet were sore and I could barely walk Sunday, I loved every minute of it.
2. My Grandma sent her Christmas card and it made me smile.
3. Sunday’s final tapas as we watched football and drank beer.
4. New jeans. Almost nothing better than new jeans.


Things I’m Loving:

+ An adorable printable – (For anyone who still has a letter to Santa to write.)
+ Get your trip sponsored – (Like Kickstarter, except for travelling. HOW COOL WOULD THIS BE?!)
+ Recommended reading – (To make you think.)
+ Wannabe Hacks – (For aspiring journalists.)