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A Visit to the Lanes


Today’s post is going to be kept short and sweet because it’s Friday and it’s 18:30 here, which is later than I normally work on posts, so not only is it Friday and definitely five o’clock somewhere, it’s past five o’clock here and I keep telling myself I’m going to start reading the 19080234 guide books/pamphlets I have on Madrid so I can start exploring. (What I’ll actually be doing is wondering why Twitter won’t update more quickly and then see what shows I still need to catch up on.  As my friends and my sister keep saying: the life I lead is a hard one.)  Continue reading

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Sweden: Part I of an Undetermined Quantity


Apparently it’s not exactly easy to post about extended travels. Especially when each day was a trip in and of itself and how, exactly, do travel bloggers do it? How? Because after spending five days editing the first part of my pictures (it wasn’t just editing. There was catching up on Melissa & Joey and The Newsroom and Suits and stuff. Multitasking at its finest!), I’ve spent another three wondering how, exactly,  was I supposed to start? Do I do the places I’ve gone and then separate posts for food? And what about all the pictures I took? On average, how many photos and words is a person willing to read in a blog post before they exit? (Have you already exited this post?) After thinking all of these deep, deep thoughts, I finally realized that I hadn’t actually started anything and the days were passing and so, here we are. With a lonely blog, a rambling blogger and lots to share under the cut.  Continue reading

France, Plateau D'Assy etc., Weekend Round-Up

Well Spent Weekend


I ended up with a mini break this weekend, which resulted mostly because I kept oversleeping and they let me. Which was nice since I’m still not sleeping well, and while I’m glad that that’s the only form my stress is taking, it’s still rather annoying and I wish it would stop. But! I did end up with some time just for myself, and it was lovely and perfect and the sun was shining and so, naturally: everything I didn’t know I needed until it was there and I decided to take advantage of it.*  Continue reading