Colour Palette: Streets of Seville


It’s been awhile since I’ve done that first colour palette and I figured it was time to get back on that train. This was one of my favourite photos from my trip to Seville and the bright colours were great for doing a palette. I’ll definitely have to make sure I get a few more of these in over the coming weeks!


Things I’m Loving:

+ Damien Rice’s new album – (In full.)
+ This interview – (Con mi San Iker.)
+ This scarf – (Because it’s getting chilly out there.)
+ Perfect fall pie – (Always a must.)

Misc., Words

Things I’ve Been Reading


October has been busy. A good busy that comes from learning you can adapt and you like where you are and who you’re with and even though your air mattress might deflate every night while you’re sleeping because the damn cat poked a hole in it, there’s good food and good people and you can feel yourself get better at whatever it is you’re doing. It’s a good kind of busy to be, and so I am content. I’ve tried sneaking in as much reading as I can, though that’s easier said than done, but I’m becoming more conscientious and my lunches are spent with a book balanced over my soup and sandwich, or while I’m waiting for the laundry. Thirty minutes here, twenty there, I’m doing my best.  Continue reading


My Favourites: Extensions


As you might have come to notice, I like sharing things. Whether it’s recipes or links to articles or great books I’ve read or photos of my favourite places, I love the fact that the internet allows me to share things I think are super cool, whatever that happens to be. I’ve been tossing the idea around for awhile about doing a series to showcase my favourites related to a theme. It wouldn’t be an every week type of thing because at the moment, that kind of commitment is just not possible for me. However, every couple of weeks, I’ll post a group of my favourites, whether it’s extensions for Chrome (like this week), Instgram accounts, apps, newsletters, etc. If you have any favourites, please drop them in the comments below and I’d love to check them out!

My current favourite at the moment, it’s a personal dashboard that get’s rid of your plain white screen when you open a new tab. With a to-do list, a welcome greeting, the time and a ‘what would you like to accomplish today’ spot, I actually like keeping a new tab open just to have it there.

AdBlock Plus 
Does what it says on the package. Gets rid of annoying pop ups or ads on sites that you go to. No more videos starting up that you can’t find.

More for those of you who are travelling and want to access sites from back home, or else if you stumble across sites that aren’t available in your country, Hola unlocks those sites to make them accessible.

Tab Glutton
Keeps your growing list of tabs in check, if you’re that sort of person. Also check out Tab List, for something similar that also tells you how long it’s been since you’ve accessed a site.

Again, does what it says on the package. If you know certain sites keep you distracted, you can set a timer so that, after a set amount of time, it will kick you off and won’t let you back on for the rest of the day.

Invisible Hand
Helps you find the lowest prices on any site you’re shopping on. It’ll find coupons or discounts and automatically add it when you head to checkout. Honey is another extension with the same idea.

HTTPS Everywhere
Encrypts your communications with most major websites and makes your browsing more secure.

Inbox Pause 
If you get distracted by your email, this lets you pause it while you’re getting work done. You can unpause when you’re done and viola! Yay for less distractions.

Evernote Web Clipper
If you’re an Evernote user, get this. It’s great for easily getting things added to the app.

Lazarus Form Recovery
If you’ve ever been in the middle of writing something and accidentally closed the page or had it deleted or just lost it somehow, this will get it back. Fantastic, right?

Pesky Whipper-Snappers Begone
So this one serves absolutely no purpose other than to replace the word ‘pesky whipper-snappers’ with ‘pesky whipper-snapper’.  I always forget I have this installed and then the phrase comes up and it’s kind of awesome.

If you don’t have an app to schedule your posts, Twitter, Facebook and LinkdIn updates, this will do the trick for you. Super simple to use and makes blogging life much easier!

There you have it! A dozen extensions that I use/love/cannot live without. Hopefully you found something new in there and again, let me know what you love using. I’m always looking for something that makes life easier.