My Christmas Wish List


1. The Hobbit Limited Edition Notebook/Day Planner – 2. Hex Stacking Ring – 3. Burt’s Bees Lipbalm – 4. Chai Tea
5. 20 visit swimming pool pass – 6. Toronto Blue Jays Cap – 7. iPad Mini – 8. Michael Kors Slim Double Wrap Watch
9. iPod Touch – 10. A visit home – 11. Real Madrid tickets

Over the last few weeks, I’ve posted several links to gift guides and bits and bobs for the holidays. However, I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to throw together a bit of a wish list, just for fun. It’s a bit all over the place, going from ‘actually realistic’ to ‘lolz nice try’.

Starting at the top, I’ve been wanting the Limited Edition Moleskine journal since they came out. I had the Star Wars one and filled that up a few months ago and my new journal is quickly filling up. A day planner is also something I normally pick up in the new year. I’ve also been wanting stackable rings for awhile now and these ones are really fun. Europe does noooot do Burt’s Bees, which is unfortunate since it’s my absolute favourite lip balm. I really use nothing else and I’m running out of the last tin that I have at the moment. Spanish people are not big tea drinkers and the house doesn’t even have a tea kettle for boiling water. I’ve missed making myself a pot of tea and drinking it throughout the day.

The pool in the area has a pass for 20 visits that I’ve been wanting to purchase for awhile now, but something else always seems to pop up. My friend actually has this baseball cap and I’ve been lusting after it ever since she showed it off to me. It’s a bit chilly to wear it now, but I’d rock it hardcore come spring. Numbers seven and nine are BIG dream items that are me really reaching for the stars but eh, why not? The iPad Mini was almost replaced with a Kindle e-reader, but I figured I’d go big. I’ve been wanting something to read books/magazines/etc on, plus the iPad Mini would sync up with my laptop, plus that iPod Touch I’m wanting. I have one right now that I bought almost four years ago (!!!) in my last year of high school that, while I’ve taken care of it, is still showing wear and tear and not functioning properly. The phone jack especially has basically broken down, which makes listening to music difficult.

I absolutely love my current watch, but have been keeping my eye out for something a little more ‘grown up’. I love that this one keeps the extra long, double wrap strap, but also adds in some leather, gold and the big, men’s watch inspired watch face. Ten is probably my biggest ‘lolz girl no’ item on this list, but going home for Christmas and a visit for a couple of weeks with snow and hot chocolate and getting to see my family would be….it’d be the absolute best. It really would. Annnnd, I would love tickets to (another!) Real Madrid match. League matches tend to get super pricey and definitely not a thing I could afford myself, though Copa matches are much cheaper, which are ones I can afford, so I might be gifting this myself in the new year.

..that got a little more wordy than I had planned on/anticipated, but there you go! From the practical to the dreaming big dreams, a few things I wouldn’t say no to this Christmas. (I even practiced self restraint and left off the lens that I’ve been wanting to add to my collection. Both of them. They’ll be firmly on the list the day I get a photography based job, just you wait.)

Things I’m Loving:

+ Things shaped like Saskatchewan – (So random I cannot even!)
+ Jennifer Lawrence being awesome – (51 times)
+ The best photography gear of the year – (I’m getting caught up.)
+ 11 ways journalists are the original hipsters – (As if you needed proof.)


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