Good Things, Misc.

Good Things


1. Christmas shopping is, slowly but surely, getting finished.
2. Coffee and a snack with a friend before she heads home for Christmas.
3. Christmas letters are also almost finished and ready to be posted.
4. I attended my first Real Madrid match on Wednesday (post to come!) and had an absolutely amazing time. I will be back!

Another really good thing that didn’t happen directly to me but I’m still super stoked about: I got a text from my mom Thursday night informing me that my cousin had been signed with our (American) football team from Saskatchewan, recent Grey Cup champs, the Roughriders.  Which is several levels of awesome and I’m really proud/excited. (There was mention of it back after he’d won CJFL offensive player of the year award and I’m all for having hard work/dedication pay off!) 



Things I’m Loving:

+ This picture of grown men in costumes – (Oh my goodness this club!)
+ Offbeat things to photograph while travelling – (If you’re going anywhere for Christmas.)
+ Boozy Orange White Chocolate Float – (To kick off your weekend.)
+ The holiday break is officially upon us and I have fun ideas for next Monday/Tuesday to get in the spirit of things with the kids! 


2 thoughts on “Good Things

    • It’s getting me SUPER excited for the CFL to start back up next season!

      And the Christmas season and I are a bit at odds, to be honest. I’m giving it my best shot but I miss the snow and cold. 😦

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