Announcing: A Blog Break


After some thought and looking at what the next few weeks are going to look like, I’ve decided I’m going to have a bit of a blog break. I fly home on Saturday and, as I mentioned in my Good Things last week, I have some good news: starting the second week of September, I’ll be working at a weekly newspaper. Which is great news and means I don’t need to job hunt when I get home, but also means it’s going to be a busy week.

So, I’ll be taking a two to three week break. I’ll be back before the end of September and I do have some posts already sketched out, including my trip to Sevilla, my last few days in Madrid, my trip home and I’ve even got a couple of guides in the works, which I’m really excited about. Please stick around for when I come back and, while I’m away, here are some older posts you might find interesting:

La Boqueria in Barcelona
A trip to Valencia
A love letter to Swedish food
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Food by the ocean
Prague in wintertime
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One of many football matches
Nice was nice
Fresh food and art in London 

I’ll have my Good Things post up tomorrow and my Things I’ve Been Reading post up on Sunday, so keep an eye out for those and I’ll see you all in a few weeks!

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August Arrived


I don’t know what happened but August arrived, just a flip of the calendar and I couldn’t stop this feeling of wanting to cry. I’m kind of an emotional person, so to those who know me this isn’t the biggest of surprises but it was still there, just hanging around in my chest. So I Skyped home because that tends to help and my brother excitedly got hold of my mom’s phone and went, “Amielle, you’re home in 29 days. I know that because yesterday it was 30 and tomorrow it’s 28 but in 29 days you’ll be home,” and that helped but again it didn’t because all I wanted to do was run back to Madrid and board the next plane out and just be home already. Continue reading

Good Things, Misc.

Good Things


Hear: This song.
Taste: Salmorejo. Every day for lunch. Perfection.
Touch: Sand between my toes and the backs of my knees.
See: Accidentally watched four episodes of Mistresses with my host mom. Always here for Alyssa Milano.
Smell: Hot pavement. (Yes, it’s a smell.)


Things I’m Loving:

+ The Illustrated World Cup – (For the lolz.)
+ Flip book – (Always impressed by these.
+ Travel themed tattoos – (Looking for inspiration.)
+ Spicy Tortilla Soup – (Hot soup for hot days.)


Football: The Reaction .GIF World Cup Edition (Pt. II)

Ah, the end of the World Cup. That madness inducing event that sends you through a month of emotions you weren’t really sure you could have for a sport but now you feel like you’ve just been through the wringer and don’t even want to think about looking at a football. (At least for another two weeks. Because: preseason.) Unless you were supporting Germany and then may the party continue!

Every time another match when to extra time:


Continue reading


Things I’ve Been Reading


Between my daily dose of Next Draft and theSkimm, collecting pieces from The Millions,  The Paris Review, The Atlantic and The New Yorker  to read, I have a bit of a collection of articles, short stories and poetry to share. Anything I find of interest, I save to Pocket (which I highly, highly recommend) and read while I’m at the pool/beach/have five minutes to kill/pretending to be busy/etc.  and, if you’ve got anything you’ve read lately of any interest, share it in the comments. I tried as best I could to keep everything fairly coherent. Under each heading you’ll find articles or essays on that particular topic. Other than poetry, fiction and interviews. Those are exactly what the label says.  I’ve also put an asterisk next to my favourites because I’m slightly biased like that. Happy reading! Continue reading