Madrid, Spain

Saturday Wander Pt. II


Coloured buildings are some of my favourite things. Along with elaborate windows and interesting doors. I don’t ask for a lot. The great thing about Madrid, and Europe in general, really, is that there’s so much of it. You’d think after being here for over a year and a half, I’d get used to it but I’m not. Every time I go out and look up and see all of that, it makes me happy. It’s a really simple thing, I know, but it adds so much character and pop to catch your eye as you wander around.  Continue reading

Food, Misc.

Spicy Vegetable Ramen


I’ve been craving ramen noodles for ages now. It was out of the blue, just hit me that, “Yes! Ramen noodles! Make it happen!” Which I did. Then I hit up some of those million posts that are floating out there about how to amp up your lunch if you’re one of us who stay at home. From there I just did my own thing, dug around the fridge for things I could stick in it and improvised with what I had. Improvising is fun! There’s something about finding an unexpected combination and taste tasting something you’ve thrown together that makes you go, “Wow!” that’s just really fun for me. Also about using up food already in your refrigerator. Yes, good, bonus!  Continue reading

Misc., Words

[about today]


Today was opening the mailbox and finding letters from my Grandma and my sister tucked safely inside, right on time for my birthday. It was watching Corner Gas and eating nachos with a friend I haven’t spent time with in what feels like forever. It was almost missing the bus but running the last block and catching it just as it was ready to pull away again and there’s something about getting on a bus that you really shouldn’t have made that just feels goodContinue reading


[about coffee]


One of the first things I ever learned in Spanish was how to order my coffee. “Café con leche, por favor.” I’d often have to repeat it since I’d say it so quietly the first time around and the r’s on my ‘por favor’ would get stuck in my throat as I tried to roll them out just right. (I figured that would be the least of my issues, rolling r’s. Except French r’s purr and Spanish ones roll and as much as you might not think there’s a difference, there is.)  Continue reading


Favourite Photogs: Eve Arnold


I was flip flopping between posting a new-t0-me photographer, or else going with someone whose work I was familiar with when Eve Arnold‘s name came up and my decision was made.  Most famous for her photographs of Marilyn Monroe, specifically those from the actresses time filming The Misfits in 1961 though she had been photographing her in 1951. Another photographer  who also took photos of popular 20th century figures, Arnold shot Queen Elizabeth II, Malcolm X and Joan Crawford.

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