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Grey-s-Anatomy-greys-anatomy-10397326-2560-1638I feel like I talk about the weather more than the farmers I used to serve coffee to at 8 a.m. on Saturday mornings. Which is saying something because a.) they’re old men and b.) they’re farmers, which means that their topics of conversation are basically reserved to talking about the weather or the crops or how the weather affects the crops.

But! Even though I’m not an old man farmer, I still manage to talk about the weather a lot. Probably because being cooped up with three children in a fairly small space for several days is not exactly my (or, anyone’s) definition of  ‘a good time’, so when it happens, I have this idea if I talk about how much I dislike it, it’ll go away.

When it doesn’t though, I always have my TV shows. Growing up, we didn’t have cable. (Well, we still don’t.) So my sisters and I would buy the boxed sets of TV shows we’d see at friends’ houses or on vacation and then marathon them like it was our job. And sometimes that’s just what you need. To have everyone tucked under blankets and marathoning Grey’s Anatomy as if you didn’t just do the same thing two weeks before.

While my sisters aren’t here to complain about how someone is taking up more than their share of space or if someone could please just find the remote to skip the stupid intro, again, I do still have their running commentary fairly well recorded in my head and on days when the sun just won’t come out to play and I need to cheer up already, when I have that spare hour or two, I will admit that I crawl under the blankets and join my sisters in judging fictional characters’ life choices. I mean, someone’s got to do it, right?

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Things I’m Loving:

+ This playlist – (Because even if it was snowing today, I’m going to listen to summer playlists like I’m being paid to.)

+ This article – (Because next season is going to be so, so different.)

+ These recipes – (Because sandwiches are the best and that’s all there is to it.)

+ This site – (Because sometimes we need help finding the perfect word to describe our feelings.)


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