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I haven’t forgotten about my blog, but so much change happened so quickly and I moved jobs and started commuting for work. My days tend to end with me passing out on the couch when I come home and spending my days off catching up on the laundry and the grocery shopping and the bathroom cleaning I haven’t done during the week. But it’s been good.

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There & Back Again: A Non-Hobbit Story of Coming Home to Canada


Oh, boy. It’s been a crazy, crazy month. And I still have to catch you all up on what happened before I left Spain (was that actually over a month ago?! How?). But, we have time and it will probably happen slowly as I try and figure out some sort of system for not making myself completely mental having a blog and a full time job. I know there’s loads of you out there who manage it, so I will as well, it’s just going to be a bit of a period of figuring out how that looks for me. For now, however, I’ll be providing a fairly short rundown of what happened coming home and what I’m up to now and then will, as I said, slooooowly (but not too slowly), backtrack to the rest, as well as a few other things I’ve been planning for awhile.  Continue reading


Happy Canada Day!


Not being at home for Canada Day is bizarre. I know people will be eating way too much homemade ice cream and having their faces painted and sporting white and red t-shirts. Every small town will have baseball games or mini rodeos and will have shelled out for fireworks this evening as everyone sits around the baseball diamond drinking beer and eating burgers. To save space on packing, I don’t even have my Cheerios maple leaf shirt with me and instead am making do eating cherries and a strawberry swirled ice cream cone before hanging out at the pool in the Spanish sun.  It’s not the same and a large part of me is sad that I’m missing out on all of this, but, I am reminded that being Canadian isn’t just a one day a year kind of thing, but rather an every day kind of thing, that beats gently and proudly and makes me miss home even as I plan adventures that take me away from it.  So, to Canadians back home and abroad, I hope you have a wonderful Canada Day and feel that beat of pride thump a little extra hard today.


Things I’m Loving: (Canadian Edition)

+ The Google Doodle – (Super adorable!)
+ 147 reasons to love Canada – (I might have gotten kicked in the feels and almost felt like crying. Maybe.)
+ Canadian Soccer Moments – (Couldn’t resist.)
If you’re looking to travel to Canada – (A decent place to start.)
+ How we’ve changed since 1867

(photo credit from The McEwan Group)

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Oh, The Places I’ve Been


Before I left France, I mailed a box home to my family. Inside this box were a number of things: letters from friends, postcards and coins I’d collected during my travels, a Ramos kit I wanted my brothers to have,  a carry on bag I was returning to my family because I’m thoughtful like that, that map of France I’d pinned places on and, finally, a scrapbook that I’d made of all the places I’d gone and things I’d done since I’d left Canada. I waited. And waited. AND WAITED. for them to get this box because I just wanted all the praise of a job well done. Unfortunately…. Continue reading