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re: That Homesickness Issue


I’ve talked about homesickness a few times. It’s not my favourite feeling in the world. It’s up there with having to deal with needles or catching your hand in the door or that time you fell off the tire swing at school and was literally green with feeling sick. Except worse. IMG_0842It’s worse because it doesn’t have a timeline to it. You don’t know that it will pass within 24 hours or if you stay in bed and rest for the rest of the day. It doesn’t work like that. The worst part is it’s the littlest things that make it pop up.



I didn’t realize how much I loved playing cards with my family until it was no longer an option. My family is competitive. We would love it if you came to play cards, we would. We’re fun and we have chips and pop and tell jokes. But we’re also stupid competitive. And I miss that. I miss the battle over buying cards or finding that last card to complete your hand or having your sister triumphantly lay down her cards while you’re sitting there with negative a billon points in your hand.


My two sisters used to talk about how we should have our own TV show. There was Jon & Kate Plus Eight, except they were all babies and who wants to watch babies? (Was their argument.) Before my baby brother showed up, they said my dad could change his name to Kevin, to rhyme with seven. We never did figure out what our show would be called with eight in the name, but it was so amusing to listen to them come up with their theme song and dance and talk about how they’d take the world by storm. (If anyone’s going to take the world by storm in their own, ridiculously unique way, it will be my sisters.)



I’m currently working towards applying for a new visa and attempting to plan my summer. As someone who confesses to loving working under pressure and challenging projects, this should be fine. And yet. And yet I’m getting flashbacks to last summer, where I got so stressed it resulted in being physically/mentally sick. This go ’round, I’m not working several jobs and I know my mom is always an email away, that I have friends who are willing to listen and then talk me down if I think about it too much.  And that I have siblings who share the same, “I am not here for this,” facial expression.


Things I’m Loving:

+ This post – (Being paid for writing is a good thing.)

+ This information – (Things people don’t tell you….about getting an apartment.)

+ This list of things to remember – (Just in case you forget.)

+ This play list – (Even if I don’t have finals.)


One thought on “re: That Homesickness Issue

  1. Amielle, this post hit home for me (even though I AM at home right now). Sending you some legitimate Asian-Ginger goodness from Vancouver, BC ❤

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