Europe: The Reaction .GIF Edition (Part II)

So it’s been a long, long, long time since I last did a reaction .gif post. Which is sad considering that a.) I have a lot of things to put in such a list and b.) it’s my most popular post by like, a lot. But, better late than never, right? Some of them are definitely more specific to Spain, but that really shouldn’t be a surprise! So without further ado: have some judging!Gosling to kick it all off.


The first time you realize how serious Spanish businesses are about being closed between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.:



After you started adjusting to the schedule:



That one time you forgot about it and took the bus halfway across town, only to realize it was closed and you’d screwed up:



How you see your new drinking habits:



How your family see your new drinking habits:



The first time you realized clubs are open until the metro opens up:



Now that you’ve gotten used to it:



When a restaurant serves free tapas with their beers:


When a restaurant doesn’t serve free tapas with their beers:



Meeting that one other Canadian who is not from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or Ottawa:



Realizing everyone always has nice shoes on, no matter how they’re otherwise dressed:



When it’s 27C outside and Spanish people are still wearing jackets while you’re dressed for summer:


When you realize how well the train and metro systems are set up:


Seeing how cheap it is to fly around Europe:


Your feelings about your daily afternoon coffee (while sitting down, at a cafe, none of this ‘to-go’ stuff):


Things I’m Loving:

+This travel journal – (One can never have too many.)
+ What’s in a name – (Oddly enough, ‘Amielle’ isn’t on the list…)
+ FourFourTwo’s guide to the World Cup – (Which is beautiful and amazing and !!! WORLD CUP GUYS)
+ DIY Napkins – (So easy, so good.)



One thought on “Europe: The Reaction .GIF Edition (Part II)

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    These are great! I think the dude with a suitcase is running in front of our hotel in Vegas!!

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