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Europe: The Reaction .Gif Edition

So I did a thing. Your regularly scheduled program (or not so regularly scheduled program, however you want to describe this programming) has been interrupted and is instead replaced with reaction .gifs! Originally this was going to be cut into two parts, one part specifically dealing with French reactions and the other general European reactions, but then it all got super mixed in together and so I just Kanye shrugged and let it. I’ll still probably do a follow up to this because reactions to a lot of stuff I say/do/see/etc is quite gif-reaction-able and that should be shared because funny things should always be shared.

When you first realized you’d have to pay to use  some washrooms:


When you talk about driving a six hour round trip in a day and you’re just like:


And they’re just like:


When you talk about having deer in your backyard or seeing wild animals while driving and you’re just like:


And they’re like:

what the what

How they react when they find out  (almost) everyone gets their driver’s license at 16:


When the topic of football vs. football comes up:

When they realize that you do know what football is:


And then find out which club you support:


Talking about hockey and they keep calling it ‘ice hockey’ and you’re just like:


When I’m out with friends and we want to go to McDonald’s at midnight on a weekend but it’s closed:


Saying I’m from Saskatchewan and they don’t believe that it’s a real place:


And I finally just go:


When they don’t know what brunch is and how important bacon is:


Most drivers in France:


Describing seasons in Canada:





When a French person starts discussing English/French relations in Canada:


When the kids I’m looking after ask me why I keep saying ‘sorry’ after I run into them/their parents/a chair:


When there are five types of cheeses to choose from at dinner:


People complimenting me on my accent:


Realizing I’ve survived almost ten months in France:


Things I’m Loving:

+ 30 signs you studied abroad in Europe – (Seems relevant.)
+ 11 reasons to NOT get a fulltime job – (A thing to think about.)
+ DIY ombre painted wooden spoons – (This is a thing I want to do.)
+ Pioneering photojournalist obituary – (Because pioneering + women + photojournalism = awesome, y’all.)


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