Being Abroad: Travel on the Cheap


While I was writing my Au Pair 101 post, I was thinking about how, as an au pair, you have to make do with the funds you have to do the travelling you want.  Since I’ve managed to do a bit of travelling while on an au pair budget (which has fluctuated based on family), I figured I’d share how I managed what I did and hopefully that will help someone out there! I’ve found that a lot of Europeans already know most of what I’ve written below, since it is so easy to travel on the cheap here. However, for at least North Americans and possibly others who aren’t used to travel here, this should be very helpful. I wasn’t aware of most of this before I arrived, because it’s just not available in Canada and was definitely a bit of a learning curve. Once you get into it, however, it’s definitely very easy and becomes second nature.   Note that this is a general summary of what I’ve done, so as to be as useful as possible to people who might want to be travelling in various countries. I do have more specific information for both France and Spain, but all of this is definitely useable across the board, no matter where you end up staying.  Continue reading

Au Pairing

Au Pair 101 (or: Everything I’ve Learned From Two Years as an Au Pair)

aupairing101I’ve had several people ask me questions about being an au pair, how I got started, what the experience has been like, pros/cons, all those questions that people have when thinking about doing something new. My au pair series is still up for various bits of information, but this is going to be a full guide to the five W’s and one H of au pairing. And,  I figured that since I’m wrapping up my time au pairing (I’m finished at the end of August), almost exactly two years after having started,  now is as good as time as any to put this together. Continue reading


Europe: The Reaction .GIF Edition (Part II)

So it’s been a long, long, long time since I last did a reaction .gif post. Which is sad considering that a.) I have a lot of things to put in such a list and b.) it’s my most popular post by like, a lot. But, better late than never, right? Some of them are definitely more specific to Spain, but that really shouldn’t be a surprise! So without further ado: have some judging!Gosling to kick it all off.


The first time you realize how serious Spanish businesses are about being closed between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.:



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