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An Evening in Stockholm


I apologize about yesterday’s post. I had had it as a scheduled post to finish and then the internet went whack on me and it went up half finished. I have, now, added a title and more words and edited it, so you should head on over and take another look. I also cut it short because oh boy, I took a lot of pictures, which is, apparently, a thing that I do. 




You guys should know by now that I have a thing for ice cream. So it’s no surprise that we checked out the ice cream while we were there. Not bad, not bad.




There was a little park by the ice cream where we sat down and watched the sun finish setting, people walking dogs and biking past, teenage boys cramming themselves on to the bench next to us and people coming back from dinner strolling by. It was a really nice way to spend half an hour. As well, there were a bunch  of old cars parked along the street. I don’t know if it was a secret club and planned or just by complete coincidence, but it almost reminded me of all the car shows that happen in Canada during the summer and it was like I was having a mini one all to myself.






This is Ridderholmen, the view is of Riddarfjärden Bay and it was gorgeous. Right next to the water and there were people all along the steps, eating dessert and playing music and talking quietly. We ended up parking ourselves there for quite a bit as well before deciding that yes, we were tired and yeah, we had a long day the next day so we should probably head back. (Naturally, as we headed back, we met all of Stockholm going out for the evening.)


Things I’m Loving:

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