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Annecy: Re-Visited

IMG_7104This week has been wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever really gotten to say that lately, so let me repeat: this week has been wonderful. It’s been sunny and we’ve been outside a lot. Impromptu picnics and then yesterday I spent the day in Annecy. 


I had to go for some OFII business, which was done by 10:30 and meant I had time to just hang out. Which is really what I did. I had coffee at La Belle Epoque cafe, which is right next to the awesome Charlie Adam art store and across from the park. I did stop in to Adam’s store, where I had a twenty minute conversation with the lady who works there, bought souvenirs for my sisters and was complimented on my French. YAY!IMG532

I then wandered around Vieux Annecy for awhile before my stomach went all, “FEED ME!” and I had lunch at La Cuisine des Amis which was so, so, so worth it. My phone camera picture does not do this food justice. It is/was a bit on the pricier side, but completely and utterly worth it.
IMG_7106IMG_7107IMG_7110IMG_7113IMG_7115IMG_7117IMG_7120IMG_7121More walking because I had no plan and it was sunny outside and Annecy is gorgeous. But! I did remember the place Chynna and I went last time I was in Annecy: Glacier des Alpes. They’ve been making homemade ice cream for the last 40+ years, which kind of means they know what they’re doing. This time I got the cinnamon and salted butter caramel, with a tiny taste of lavender honey on top. Walk, do not run, to get in line.

IMG_7122IMG_7123IMG_7124IMG_7125IMG_7126IMG_7127Then I just sat on benches and walked people pass by, gave myself blisters and then had issues getting out of the parking lot when it was time to go. I am seriously that person. The one, who, no matter what, runs into problems. The strip on my parking lot ticket wasn’t readable by the machine, so I spent almost twenty minutes running between my car and the pay machine, trying to figure out what to do. Finally I asked for help (yay for asking for help!) and the lady showed me where the intercom button was right in front of my face and I was let out. All in all, a good day, ending the only way my days can.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Journalists banding with photogs – (That whole Chicago Sun-Times takes another turn.)
+ Crowds at women’s football – (‘And then there was Sydney Leroux.’ Yes, there was.)
+ These shoes – (My feet are mad at me. I think they would enjoy these.)
+ Neckties for Father’s Day – (I kind of want to see if my dad would wear the Green Floral one if I got it for him. It’s pretty, ok?)


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