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An Evening in Stockholm


I apologize about yesterday’s post. I had had it as a scheduled post to finish and then the internet went whack on me and it went up half finished. I have, now, added a title and more words and edited it, so you should head on over and take another look. I also cut it short because oh boy, I took a lot of pictures, which is, apparently, a thing that I do.  Continue reading


Baguettes & Books


I finally got my own library card. I had been told I could use one of the kids’ and then told that I couldn’t. So to make everything just that much easier, I got my own. There was a form to fill and it all felt very official, especially when I had to ask why there were three spots for my name and was explained that one of them was if I was married (so obviously that one was left empty).

So now when the kids are home all day Wednesdays, we go to the library for at least an hour. Followed by my daily routine of buying two baguettes in the afternoon. It gets us out of the house, especially if they don’t want to go to the park, even if it’s raining. And especially if they haven’t been outside in the morning. Books and baguettes. Seems pretty good to me.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Lisa Frank interview – (I loved that stuff when I was little. This interview is short and sweet.)

+ These blog promotional tips – (Thinking about testing a few of these out.)

+ These boots – (If I had the money, they would be mine. Yesterday.)

+ This song – (Because my friend has good taste.)