Favourite Photogs: Bernat Fortet


I saw a few of Bernat Fortet‘s Color Hunting photographs as I was scrolling through my tumblr the other day and had to click on over to his site. While I’m not really big on the rest of his work, his Color series is definitely interesting and eye catching. It hits more notes as art photography over photojournalism, but I am a big fan of how well his colour pairings go together and how clean and simple they all are. I would have no problem buying one as an art piece to hang on my wall.  Continue reading

Madrid, Spain

On a Saturday Night



Saturday was good. It was easy. It was a ‘spend the day in your pajamas because everyone went out last night and no one’s alive yet’ kind of day followed by Alex and I buying sandwich supplies from Ahorra Mas because he could not wait for dinner and sitting on a cold, slightly damp stone bench at Principe Pio waiting for another friend to arrive for dinner. (Naturally he wasn’t all that hungry by the time it came to order.)  Madrid was chilly and slightly damp and kids were running through the puddles in front of us.  We stopped in front of a restaurant we told each other we’ll have to try in the future. We came back to Rivas and finally stopped in at that tapas bar on my street and Alex hit his head on his beer glass and I didn’t fall off my stool, so all in all, it was a wonderful evening.  Continue reading


Map DIYs

IMG_9335When I bought my National Geographic a month ago, it came with this huge double sided map of the world that I had no idea what to do with. Fast forward to a few nights ago as I was getting some organizing done and realized that I had a map plus some plain covered notebooks I had picked up recently. Not wanting to throw out the map, I figured I might as well use it to decorate the covers of those notebooks I just happened to have. So, that’s what I did.  (Which really shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how much we all know I love maps.)  Continue reading

Sweden, Travel

An Evening in Stockholm


I apologize about yesterday’s post. I had had it as a scheduled post to finish and then the internet went whack on me and it went up half finished. I have, now, added a title and more words and edited it, so you should head on over and take another look. I also cut it short because oh boy, I took a lot of pictures, which is, apparently, a thing that I do.  Continue reading

Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Drink


A really quick post to kick off the weekend. I figured since I skipped out on most of this week and am going to be a little busy until about Wednesday evening, I’d try and make up the difference this weekend.

So, I’m aware of the concept of fruit in wine. It’s not an entirely new idea to me. However, when my HM quickly sliced up a peach into a small glass, sprinkled some sugar on top before pouring wine over all of it, I realized how great of a sunny summer drink it would be. The peaches in the house are a little past ripe, so the fruit juice mixes a bit with the wine and the sugar helps to sweeten it all up. Quick, easy, a little fancy and perfect for the weekend!

Things I’m Loving:

+ These shortalls – (Or these overalls. To go with these.)
+ Download this for your computer – (To save your eyes.)
+ Fairytales – (For an afternoon of reading.)
+ Journalist Express – (For all you journalism people out there.)