Travelling: The Movie Expectations


After I had made the decision to be an au pair in France, I did the one thing I probably shouldn’t have done: I watched Passport to Paris. To be fair to myself, obviously I knew I wasn’t going to be visiting for a week (it was going to be a lot longer than that) or visiting my grandparents (though travelling with my grandparents would have been wonderful). But, I had the twisted idea that, oh, it wasn’t going to be that hard and oh, I would make friends and oh, maybe a boy with a bike (of the motor family).

Clearly I should not be using movies to set my standards (no matter how I pretend those standards are realistic). But then, then I went for a walk yesterday. It was my day off and it was gorgeous. Absolutely, beautifully, wonderfully gorgeous outside. I got to walk around without a jacket and without wet feet and just….wander. And no, there was no soundtrack just floating around me and nope there was definitely no boy on a bike with some flowers circling me slightly creepily. But there was the sun, and fall leaves, there was tea and a book. And that was really all I actually wanted.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This tutorial – (A refresher was in order.)

+ This article – (Scent memories are my favourite memories.)

+ These shoes – (I discovered I could fit my finger through the sole of my shoes today. So I needed new ones. I don’t actually even like pink but I bought electric blue laces to go with. My sister would be proud.)

+ Basketball – (Starting week two of practice. And everyone was super impressed with my rebounding skills. That’s what happens when your parents were your coaches.)


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