‘Round & ‘Round


Yes, there is a random fair ride in the middle (well, kind off of to the left side, really) of the centre. It stays until December and then leaves for the colder months before reappearing in March or April for the summer. While the mom went to go run some errands, we did the ride. Three times. I am a fantastic au pair, ok? Not just anyone would do that for a solid half hour. Not while it’s cold and raining and people repeat three times if you would like them to move the stroller for you so you can take better pictures. (That was embarrassing. They gave me a look that was all, “Oh, you poor thing. Trying so hard and still not succeeding.” It’s not my fault they don’t speak French well. …that made more sense in my head.)

I’m so far behind on editing pictures I can’t even believe it right now. Mostly because it means that I’ve had other things to do (French classes, basketball practice, tomorrow I’m going out for coffee with someone (that last some surprised you, didn’t it?)) and have fallen waaay behind on editing photos. (Secret: there are photos I haven’t even uploaded yet. GASP.) But, the family’s gone for a couple of days this weekend and while I am planning on going to Paris for a couple of days (i can just feel how excited you are for me), I’ll hopefully get it all edited so that it won’t be last minute posts. Like this one.

(Also: can we discuss that sassy, slightly judging look in the middle picture? I wish I could say I taught her that, but she learnt that all by herself. When it’s not directed at me, I feel a little proud of it.)

Things I’m Loving:

+ These tips – (You’d think I’d have packing down to a science by now. Seriously.)

+ This goal – (Even though we lost, it gave me feels.)

+ This site – (I like looking at pretty things, ok?)

+ This news – (Already have plans to share a hotel room.)


One thought on “‘Round & ‘Round

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    Love the pictures & do remember seeing these manages just sitting in the middle of nowhere. Did find it a “little” bizarre!
    Couldn’t add a comment to the backyard post, so will say that I’m glad that there are happy thoughts about home! As I was looking at the post, your brothers were in fact, down the street playing soccer with various boys from around town. If the snow stays, pretty soon it will be building forts & having snowball fights:-)
    Keep up the good work.

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