Madrid, Spain

This Here Be Picnic Weather


I don’t know about you guys, but my first instinct when nice weather shows up is to be outside as much as humanely possible. Which means I’ve gotten pretty good at grabbing food from the fridge, throwing something together and heading to the park for a picnic at the last minute. That’s my favourite thing about picnics, really: how uncomplicated they are. Seriously, this is not a thing you can mess up. Is it food? Is it still edible? Can you eat it with your hands and/or very few utensils? Is it shareable? If it falls into any/all of these categories, guess what? You can take it on a picnic!

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Good Things, Misc.

Good Things


1. We have two-for-one tickets and dinner with friends was in order.
2. He finally came back from England and I was glad to have my friend back.
3. The sunset was beautiful.
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San Sebastian, Spain

Hello San Sebastian

IMG_8228During our second week in Deba,  my HM, the kids and I headed to San Sebastian for the day. These first two photos made me think of my trip to Nice this spring, though with sand instead of rocks on the beach. Things I’d forgotten about going places with kids: their moods determine oh so much. They weren’t in the mood to do a lot of walking/being outside (which was a bit of a bummer since it was absolutely gorgeous outside and I was more than ready to do some sightseeing), so we headed to the aquarium for a couple of hours (which is also a marine museum and we all know I feel about those). I did, however, get the chance to hunt down a Basque flag for my travel backpack. I’ll take what I can get. And, yes, I’ll be planning a trip back for a longer look. At the city, not the fish.

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London, Travel

All the Nerdy Things


I have a couple of notes in my planner that go along the lines of, “Did nuffin but sat on the couch,” and, “HUMID AS TAIWAN! D:”Which is not a thing I would write lightly because I have memories of lying on the tiled floor of our apartment in Taiwan, wondering if people in humid countries had secret gills because otherwise I didn’t understand how they breathed with so much water in the air. So because I am unfortunately not that mix of human fish that is apparently needed to live close to the ocean, we had a few days of nothing. Which was fine, because other days were like this where we did ALL OF THE THINGS and it all just balanced out.  Continue reading