Missing: Backyards


Sometimes it’s really hard not to compare different things. As much as you know that you shouldn’t, or that the new ‘thing’ is good in different ways, it still can be hard to think about that when you’re thinking about things you miss.

Take backyards. I miss backyards. And streets. Where kids can bundle up and go outside and play and run around and ride bikes without any problem. Where falling down isn’t too scary because there’s grass and the worst that’ll really happen is a grass stain. But, we make do. We play in the courtyard with cars and footballs (soccer balls) when the car isn’t in the front half. We jump. We bundle up and trek to the park.

Sometimes I stop and think about what these kids’ reactions would be if they ever got to see where I live. If they got to experience what it’s like to race out after supper and ride a bike for another twenty minutes before bed time. Or to set up nets on either end of the backyard to play football (soccer) with the family. Or toss a football around and pretend (or not so pretend) tackle people. Something that I just always accepted and took as fact, they can’t fully grasp. (My French could also be failing me a bit.)

But yes: I miss backyards and streets for biking. I also miss school parking lots and school buses. But that’s a story for another time.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This article – (Hehe, this was a discussion us PhotoJs would have.)

+ This clothing line – (It looks like a favourite storybook.)

+ These pillows – (I miss goodnight kisses. I miss baby brother kisses in general.)

+ This recipe – (I loooove homemade soup. I miss homemade soup. I will make this homemade soup.)


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