RL Tidbits

When you find FIBA Eurobasket on TV one night:


And then watch it four days in a row:


Then find yourself yelling at the TV because everyone sucks at free throws and you find that unacceptable:






Travelling: The Movie Expectations


After I had made the decision to be an au pair in France, I did the one thing I probably shouldn’t have done: I watched Passport to Paris. To be fair to myself, obviously I knew I wasn’t going to be visiting for a week (it was going to be a lot longer than that) or visiting my grandparents (though travelling with my grandparents would have been wonderful). But, I had the twisted idea that, oh, it wasn’t going to be that hard and oh, I would make friends and oh, maybe a boy with a bike (of the motor family).

Clearly I should not be using movies to set my standards (no matter how I pretend those standards are realistic). But then, then I went for a walk yesterday. It was my day off and it was gorgeous. Absolutely, beautifully, wonderfully gorgeous outside. I got to walk around without a jacket and without wet feet and just….wander. And no, there was no soundtrack just floating around me and nope there was definitely no boy on a bike with some flowers circling me slightly creepily. But there was the sun, and fall leaves, there was tea and a book. And that was really all I actually wanted.

Things I’m Loving:

+ This tutorial – (A refresher was in order.)

+ This article – (Scent memories are my favourite memories.)

+ These shoes – (I discovered I could fit my finger through the sole of my shoes today. So I needed new ones. I don’t actually even like pink but I bought electric blue laces to go with. My sister would be proud.)

+ Basketball – (Starting week two of practice. And everyone was super impressed with my rebounding skills. That’s what happens when your parents were your coaches.)


Hi – This is My Face (Kind Of)


I don’t post photos of myself. It’s not a thing that I do. Mostly because if I’m the one taking pictures, it’s kind of hard for there to be pictures of me. Also partly because I hate having my picture taken. My Facebook profile pic is normally months old by the time a new one goes up, the haircut I got has grown back to the same length as in the previous picture, which sometimes makes me wonder why I bother, but ah, the things we do for social media.

Anyways: this is me and my camera. We’re quite fond of each other, truth be told. And yes, I do (finally) have a striped shirt so now I look all ‘properly’ French and whatnot. I also dress in all black from time to time, which also makes me like the French because bright colours are not really a thing that they do all that often.

I actually wondered, while editing these pictures, about what it would be like if I was a fashion blog and had to take pictures of myself every day and was very, very thankful that I had never considered that. If it’s a picture of me and there’s no camera pressed to my face with the other eye awkwardly closed, it’s not really going to happen. So, this is as close to a fashion blog post as you’re going to get. Camera accessory and all.

Things I’m Loving:

+ World Cup Qualifying – (Because even if I didn’t get to watch it, all the football was played today. And with the exception of Canada (which I can’t even talk about), none of my teams lost. Which I’m more than alright with.)

+ This article – (Long form writing about football: I like that.)

+ This song – (It’s got a little bit of that club feel I need every once in awhile.)

+ Basketball – (Because it’s been three years since I’ve played and I’m going to be sore like whoa tomorrow, but running around for an hour and a half was exactly what I needed.)

P.S. I was just emailed this picture from the birthday party Sunday. My face sans camera. Also a blue styrofoam boat full of seafood. Two things you don’t see every day.


Things That Really Are Awesome



Let’s pretend this picture isn’t as blurry as it actually is. My dad, obviously, is not the kind to hold a phone still as he’s taking a photo. Which is okay because at least he took the picture, right? Right. 

Anyways: awesome things. TSN is in town today/tomorrow as part of the Kraft 10 in 10 celebration tour. Darren Dutchyshen (@dutchysc)  is actually from town and he and @KateBeirness played a scrimmage basketball game this afternoon. All of the girls had played for the Bears…minus me. But, I still got tossed a jersey and even though I haven’t played in a solid three years and almost died because as much as the court does not look that big, yeah, run up and down a couple of times. It’s that big. I’d forgotten about that.

More awesome things: tomorrow two Rider players are going to be in town and @KaylynKyle of the CanWNT is going to be here as well!! And which I am beyond excited about. When I found out I actually did some sort of weird celebration dance thing because it is that awesome and then proceeded to share the news with my family and coworkers because excitement should always be shared. 

Things I’m Loving:

Stuff No One Told Us – Things we now know helped along with adorable cartoons. 

Dudes, Relax: The Rise of Women Does Not Mean the Fall of Men – An article written in response to a piece in September’s issue of Esquire. Thought provoking and laugh out loud funny. 

A Better Version of Yourself – Because vacation usually brings out the side of us we tend to like a little bit better. 

On Dance Floors – About how the blogging world has changed and where, exactly, we should all fit in the shifting, changing, not quite understood world. 

Cover Story: How The Times Made Olympic History – I have watched this countless times and made every member of my family sit down and watch it because dskljsadlj (Yes, I just keysmashed.) not only do I love how it was shot (even if it is a little shaky and you can see cameramen in a few shots), but because everyone is so excited about the project. And the pictures! Oh my goodness! The one of the bicycles on the track and it has more than made me renew my promise to practice and practice and practice my panning. But seriously: so beautiful and wonderful and yes, I am jealous as hell.