Map DIYs

IMG_9335When I bought my National Geographic a month ago, it came with this huge double sided map of the world that I had no idea what to do with. Fast forward to a few nights ago as I was getting some organizing done and realized that I had a map plus some plain covered notebooks I had picked up recently. Not wanting to throw out the map, I figured I might as well use it to decorate the covers of those notebooks I just happened to have. So, that’s what I did.  (Which really shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how much we all know I love maps.) 

IMG_9317IMG_9321IMG_9322 IMG_9323IMG_9332I even managed to make the front of each notebook a separate continent, with Europe, Africa and North America gracing a cover each, something I hadn’t really planned on to begin with, but was a nice surprise after I realized what had happened. I also am planning on using this scheme to save some money this year and all I could find to use as a container was an old Cola Cao container, which is an unfortunate yellow/red plastic combo. So I figured, since I was at it, why not cover that up with the Australia bit of the map that was left, hoping that having that travel theme might be what I need to not take money from it as the year progresses. We’ll see how that idea holds up.

IMG_9342 IMG_9336

Things I’m Loving:

+ Interesting look at the help that keeps life looking glamourous – (In art form, no less.)
+ A Beautiful Mess starts a book club – (If you’re interested.)
+ 31 Breakfast Recipes – (GO. NOW. If you even just LIKE breakfast food, this is PERFECT.)
+ Loot Crate – (Geeky things in the mail for all my fellow geeks.)


2 thoughts on “Map DIYs

  1. Maman Jac-o says:

    Wow…I remember the books you used to cover with the most interesting pieces of “stuff”! Cool to see you still enjoy doing that 😉
    Happy New Year ma belle!

  2. Janet Cameron says:

    The maps look great, a very neat idea.. I enjoy seeing all the things you are doing and the places you go. Have a great year…with love gma

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