Favourite Photogs: Larry Towell


My friend Sarah is the one who introduced me to Larry Towell.  I say ‘introduced’ but what I mean is ‘consistently referred to and I really had no choice but to pay attention’.  Which is how favourite photographers should be talked about, in my opinion and part of the reason I started this weekly bit. But, she talked about him and I looked him up and I’m glad that she/I/we did. 

2_1990_PAR86873_Comp1993-World-Press-Photo-Larry-Towell-800x534Towell has stayed old school in a world full of digital cameras and iPhones, exaggerated colours and the ability to share everything, instantly. While I might not necessarily agree with him (I’m quite fond of my digital camera and it’s instant-ness), I do agree that there is something to be said about how his method helps make his photography stand out. He’s photographed everything from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to Mennonite migrant workers in Mexico to working on a personal project on his farm in Ontario.


“Black and white is still the poetic form of photography. Digital is for the moment; black and white is an investment of time and love.”

69PAR77379Towell’s not only a photographer, but his storytelling extends into other forms as well. From folk music to writing poetry to creating videos, he works with all sorts of mediums, which I think is what helps make his photography, his storytelling, as strong as it is.
Things I’m Loving:

+ Medium – (I’ve seen this pop up a LOT lately and it’s got some great reads.)
+ Speaking of reading – (A Football Report has their Best of 2013 up. Can’t wait to dive in.)
+ 23 tips for travelling – (Sounds good to me!)
+ The GIF guide to getting paid – (For, well, all of you.)


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