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A(nother) Canadian in London


Sometimes all you need is to see a friendly face.  Sam and I went to Loyalist together and when I went to France to au pair, she went to London to do the same thing. While I keep moving, she’s still there and we arranged to go for a picnic and spend the day together. There’s just something comforting about talking about past experiences with someone who was there and can go, “I remember that, too!”



We stopped off at Tesco and picked up a four pack of beer and a bottle of cider before heading over to Regent’s Park where we sat on one of the patches of least dead grass and ate sandwiches, bags of chips, hummus and strawberries, all the while catching up on what each of us had been doing over the last year and how we missed our potlucks on Coleman Street and having other photographers around for constructive criticism. There was the discussing of where everyone was a year after graduation and what our plans were, how we both wished it was affordable to head back to Canada, ‘just for a visit’, and how little people actually know about Canada.



Then we saw this guy and all sorts of photography jargon came out and it was really refreshing to be with someone else who just gets it. She also took us by The Maple Leaf where we ordered drinks and I got overly excited about all the Toronto Blue Jays/Canadian Montreal/provincial flags hanging everywhere. They even had the Saskatchewan flag up and, you know, it really is the little things.




Things I’m Loving:

+ This mug – (Who doesn’t love constellations?!)
+ About how we put an age to teenage girls – (Which you might not stop and think about, but really should.)
+ Fashion tips from someone who’s almost completely deaf – (Something else you probably never stopped to think about.)
+ This artwork – (Because: girl power!)


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