Madrid, Spain

This Here Be Picnic Weather


I don’t know about you guys, but my first instinct when nice weather shows up is to be outside as much as humanely possible. Which means I’ve gotten pretty good at grabbing food from the fridge, throwing something together and heading to the park for a picnic at the last minute. That’s my favourite thing about picnics, really: how uncomplicated they are. Seriously, this is not a thing you can mess up. Is it food? Is it still edible? Can you eat it with your hands and/or very few utensils? Is it shareable? If it falls into any/all of these categories, guess what? You can take it on a picnic!

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London, Travel

A(nother) Canadian in London


Sometimes all you need is to see a friendly face.  Sam and I went to Loyalist together and when I went to France to au pair, she went to London to do the same thing. While I keep moving, she’s still there and we arranged to go for a picnic and spend the day together. There’s just something comforting about talking about past experiences with someone who was there and can go, “I remember that, too!”

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Sweden, Travel

Still Not Dead, Still Kind of Travelling


I’ve been trying to write this post all day but London (that’s England, not Ontario, if you were getting confused) has been so, so hot. Which I do not do. Heat + I /=/ compatible.  What mostly happens is that the heat goes up and I sit on the couch, drinking water and trying to calculate how much energy simple tasks like breathing are going to cost me and whether or not they’re really necessary. Continue reading

France, Plateau D'Assy etc.

Such a Magical Word, Picnic


Last weekend  might as well have come from one of those cheesy, summer films.  A good kind of cheesy though, in the way that camembert on bread as an afternoon snack is good.  Between hot, hot days spent at the beach with picnics and late afternoon naps, I really can’t think of any other way I could have left France. Continue reading