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Au Pair Lessons: Go Your Own Pace


I’ve been in Madrid for almost a month. Two f those weeks I had the kids during the day and last week was my first one by myself since they started up school. The thing is, other than two trips with the family (one where I went off by myself because I’m ~adventurous like that, which of course meant that I ended up missing the last bus back to the house because these are just the sorts of things that happen to me), I haven’t been to downtown Madrid. 

And, without fail, when the parents come back after work, they ask me what I got up to during the day and if I (finally) took a bus down to the city centre and started seeing things. Which goes two ways. On one hand it feels like they’re pressuring me to go out and do things already! On the other, I realize that they’re just trying to make sure that I’m feeling at home and getting to see the new city I’ll be calling my home for the next year. Which I do appreciate and I will get there.

Everyone goes about things differently. For instance, the more I’ve travelled, the more I’ve realize that, while I don’t always enjoy the work that goes into it, I like looking places up and seeing where they fit on a map so that I can see things in a way that makes sense, distance wise. I’ve found that the best way for me to really see that is to buy a map and pin different places on it and then make a plan to see it. Which I know doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but it also helps give me a sense of purpose when I’m doing some sightseeing. It also helps ground me because I can go, “If this is here and that’s there, then this is where I must be.” Since we all know that I have an awful sense of direction and walking around for ages looking for that retro postcard shop someone recommended isn’t exactly how I like spending my time seeing new places.

The other part of why I didn’t go last week was because I had blisters all over my feet and a dozen blisters make doing long distance walking painful and I am not about that life. I want to enjoy what I’m seeing and not curse myself, wondering why I thought this would be a bad idea.

So, even if you feel the pressure to go out and see and do all of the things, even though you’re like me and need a plan or heck, just want to kick back for a time and watch funny youtube videos of people getting injured playing sports or nap or wander around the area you’re living in, that’s totally cool. The interesting things to see have been there for years and will most likely (you never know) be there tomorrow and you’ll go see them when you’re good and ready to.


In other news: I now have a fancy schmancy bloglovin’ button on my blog! (Because I’m ridiculously slow on these things.) So if you click the stack of white lines above my cheery face at the top of my blog, you’ll get a black drop down menu-esque thing. It’s on the right hand side. Just click it and you’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to follow my blog. (To which you say yes and click.) And voila! All of my posts will be in one easy place!







Things I’m Loving:

+ From a father to his son – (So well worded.)
+ Underground houses – (I’ve always wanted a Hobbit hole.)
+ Napping: You’re doing it wrong – (Because sleep is important.)
+ Lavender Iced Coffee – (It’s still warm out and this sounds delicious!)


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