Photobombing PhotoJs

When one of the only places to go shoot sports is your school, you end up running into issues. Issues like, “I have to get there half an hour early to get a good spot. Before the other PhotoJ students do!” Then, once you have that spot, it’s figuring out how to keep ALL OF THE PHOTOJS out of your picture. Which, quite honestly, is impossible. (Trust me. I tried.)

See the last picture as an example. Parts of three PhotoJs are in that picture. And I cut the fourth one out. It’s like there’s this unspoken sick game of ‘photobombing PhotoJs’ that we all play to see who has to awkwardly crop out the most PhotoJs from one picture.

The worst part is when it’s a really good picture and then there’s this guy in the background, just a little out of focus, with this huge camera/lens combo and then it’s the only thing you can look at. 

I’m at least consoled with the knowledge that most of them also had to try and crop me out of some of their photos. Some small satisfaction in that. 









Things I’m Loving:


+ Instantly Transform a Men’s Shirt Into a Dress – The video is so much fun and who knew there were so many ways to wear a shirt? BRB running to my Value Village to get all of the shirts. (Not that I didn’t already….)

+ 30 Must See Tumblrs – Because we all need one more tumblr blog to like, reblog and help us from doing productive things. *cough*Like homework*cough*

+ Roasted Winter Citrus – I love fruit. Either separately or else tossed together in a fruit salad. This just takes it and puts a new, fun, delicious spin on it. Definitely what I’m pulling out the next time my friends drop by ‘just because’. 

+ Sucker for Soccer – Simply designed typography football posters. All of them are beautifully done, and after my eyes were done wanting ALL OF THEM at the start, I think I’ve narrowed it down to a half dozen, possibly ten. Because really, they’d look kick ass clustered in groups of four in the middle of a wall. (Not that I have any walls to put them up on at the moment…)


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