Just a Little Messy


For someone who’s s really into all things neat, tidy and organized, I’m also very fond of messy and chaotic. Specifically when I’m ‘making’ something. When I was in high school and spent hours painting, I’d have paint scattered around me, brushes, magazines, containers of water, all of it just spreading out around my room. When I pack, I have this (potentially bad?) habit  of pulling everything out, dumping it on my bed and then trying to figure out how it all fits into my bag. (Here’s a good example (or two) from when I left France last July.) The same goes for when I’m cooking. I grab everything I need and then proceed to make a big, unholy mess as I’m cutting and peeling and grating. And I love it.

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Coffee & Bookshops



We’re almost through with London, I promise. We should be done by the middle of next week and then we can move onto other things. What those things are, I’m not quite entirely sure yet, but it’ll be good!  The 28th had us going out for coffee at Street Coffee which was a great way to spend a sunny Sunday.  After slowly sipping our caffeine, we headed to Postman’s Park for a walk around as well as checking out the Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice.  Continue reading

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Still Not Dead, Still Kind of Travelling


I’ve been trying to write this post all day but London (that’s England, not Ontario, if you were getting confused) has been so, so hot. Which I do not do. Heat + I /=/ compatible.  What mostly happens is that the heat goes up and I sit on the couch, drinking water and trying to calculate how much energy simple tasks like breathing are going to cost me and whether or not they’re really necessary. Continue reading

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Europe: The Reaction .Gif Edition

So I did a thing. Your regularly scheduled program (or not so regularly scheduled program, however you want to describe this programming) has been interrupted and is instead replaced with reaction .gifs! Originally this was going to be cut into two parts, one part specifically dealing with French reactions and the other general European reactions, but then it all got super mixed in together and so I just Kanye shrugged and let it. I’ll still probably do a follow up to this because reactions to a lot of stuff I say/do/see/etc is quite gif-reaction-able and that should be shared because funny things should always be shared.

When you first realized you’d have to pay to use  some washrooms:


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