Family Friday

I can’t be the only one who got all excited that today was Friday and then remembered that they had things to do that went beyond the regular 9-5 deal. Though mine is (hopefully) going to be fun with an exhibition basketball game and then a play tonight. (Look at me, with my varied interests.)

But because I’ve already shown basketball pictures and I’m not counting too much on the play ones, I’m going to show you *gasp* older pictures. I haven’t shown too much from my time back home and I did a bit of editing on them a few nights back, so! I figured now would be a good time to share. You know, give a bit of a boost to all that work I’ll be doing this evening.

I promise that we have more rooms in our house than just the kitchen, as you can tell from the last picture on the couch. In our living room. However, the kitchen means you’re less steps away from the fridge, which houses the food. And we really like our food.







Things I’m Loving:

+ My Fault, I’m Female–  Blog’s description: “MFIF (My fault, I’m female) is a blog that shares stories of women who’ve been made to feel it’s their fault at work, at home, or wherever. It’s a little like FML, but with sexist bosses, stone age attitudes, pay gap stories, and plenty of ranting. We want to highlight what is still an entrenched problem in our workplaces, streets, and homes, while sharing stories on a non-judgmental platform.”

+ Top 10 Relationship Words That Aren’t Translatable – Words from other languages whose meanings can’t quite be translated into English, and the closest that we get. My favourite would have to be La Douleur Exquise. 

+ Jim Moray: Skulk – I’ve been listening to Jim Moray for years, ever since the song Lord Bateman mysteriously showed up on my iTunes. Here you can listen to his newest album online, with the option of purchasing it. Absolutely fantastic listen, really.
+ Tomato Tart – The weather is teasing us with hints of spring these days, and this just screams ‘warm weather’. Something I’ll definitely make for myself (possibly my friends) on one of those days that’s teasing us that spring’s going to show up.

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