Sports Everywhere

I never really get around to doing what I’d like to do during the weekend until it’s almost over….and it’s not because I try. Mostly, it’s because actually using a weekend for doing nothing sounds so tempting that I end up giving in (and then scrambling to get all the little things finished at the tail of it.)

Another week on the paper, another set of pieces/photos published. I’ve screen capped them all, but the entire pieces are worth a read. Jan. 31 and Feb. 2. I know you’ve already seen the rugby piece, but don’t they all look so impressive, lined up together? And oui, I do have more of the basketball shots that I’m planning on putting up. (Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men, aren’t they?)

I must say, however, that my favourite one to write was the women in sports opinion piece. I’m pretty sure I gave my writing teacher panic attacks with how long he thought it was going to be before I made the executive decision to not finish it like I wanted and instead leave it where it was and stick an ending to it. I will, however, end up writing it properly, like I wanted t.





Things I’m Loving:

+ Professional Footballer: “It’s The Media Who Keeps Gay Footballers In The Closet” – A follow up article to the documentary piece I posted last time. To be quite honest, I found it quite refreshing and hopeful. As well, the discussions at the end are quite interesting and thought provoking.

+ Let’s Toast to Toast – Who knew the simple breakfast staple could look so fancy?

+ Shit Photographers Say – Because everyone else has had their say, so should we. (Actually, I really don’t say half those things, but I know people who do!)

+ Writers Revive Letter Writing – I’m a huge fan of mail. It’s the one thing (along with my magazines) I’ve been able to find a way to afford as a broke college student. I mailed my dad his Keeneland tie for his birthday, my sister and brother just got their (belated) presents in the mail, I have penpals, I write to my Grandma, basically: I support Canada Post like a boss. And, if you like writing, there’s a February challenge for you to check out. Month of Letters means: writing one letter for every day there’s post (which totals to 24 days).

+ Annnnd: my little sister, who’s birthday is today. As much as she might be anything, she’ll always be my stalwart sweetheart of a goalie.



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