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This was all from last weekend, but it was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t resist putting this together. Most of my weekend was spent either thinking, reading or breathing football. Except when I was trying on striped shirts because, c’mon, variety! Melissa and I watched the match with thousands of other people at the Bernabeu on Saturday evening, all of us holding our breath, getting excited with every forward attack and then groans of disappointment all in unison as we continued to watch our team be unable to score. Until the last minutes of added time, the 90+3, when Sergio Ramos headed the ball into the net and… guys, the stadium exploded. People were on their feet, some fell over because got up too quickly, the stadium roared and I just remember it taking a second and then not being able to stop the excitement, that knowledge that, “Oh my goodness, this is happening!” Then Bale scored and there was that renewed feeling of, “This is going to be ours.” Then Marcelo scored. And Cristiano Ronaldo had his penalty and….there’s just something about being with a large group of people whose feelings perfectly match yours, even if it is over a ball being put into the back of a net. Then Sunday evening we headed back to watch the celebration and, again, just being with so many people who are as excited, as passionate, who get this feeling threatening to spill out of you, that’s something special. I also bought myself the purple scarf because you know: winning a big trophy deserves presents, eh?


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