Good Things

Good Things


Hear: This acoustic version.
See: We went to the CanWNT vs. JapanWNT match on Saturday. (I’ve missed live football.)
Smell: Lemon and dill shrimp.
Taste: Deconstructed stuffed baked potatoes. With broccoli and eggs baked in. (Inspiration from here and here.)
Touch: My gloves. It’s getting cold out there.


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Good Things

Good Things


Hear: Damien Rice. On constant repeat.
Taste: I made pumpkin bars. They were delicious. (Recipe)
Touch: Petting this handsome fellow.
See: Sunrises. You know it’s fall when you can roll out of bed at 08:30 and see the sun come up.
Smell: Fall. That crisp, smokey, fall smell. Different from the beach, sun baked smoke smell.

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Good Things, Misc.

Good Things


Hear: Skype sessions with my family and my friend Sarah.
Taste: The above noodle salad. Twice in the last week.
Touch: Books and books and more books. Volunteering at a second hand book shop.
See: Marathoning Murder, She Wrote
Smell: Flowers picked on our way home from the pool.


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