Pajama Days & To-Do Lists

It’s one of those days today. You know the ones. Where it’s been raining since last night and the wind keeps mounting. Where the only thing you really want to do is stay in your pajamas and drink hot chocolate and read. In bed. 

It was also one of those days with a list. Where things were written down and nodded at and told, “You will be crossed off.” (Which is why this blog post is happening close to midnight. Because it wasn’t on the list and so it didn’t have to be crossed off.)

But! But then the list was finished and all the things were crossed off (except for phoning that one place because on Wednesdays they’re closed in the afternoon, apparently.). And I still hadn’t written a blog post. However, I was in my pajamas, catching up on reading my issues of Popular Photography and scribbling down names of photographers to check out and drinking hot chocolate. So, you know, all in all, not bad. 

As I was brushing my teeth I went, “D’oh!” and scurried to my computer, searching for something to post. And then I found these. 








Welcome to my cousin’s house. Where I’ve spent the last two weekends. I’ve always known I wanted a yellow kitchen, ever since we painted the kitchen in house number 4 ‘Spanish Moon’ and house number 5 was just some soft, buttery yellow. But now I also know I want a world map on my kitchen wall. Preferably one that’s hung straight. 

Things I’m Loving:

+  12 Boardgames Pitched As Movies – I’d watch Jenga and I have a feeling that Guess Who really wouldn’t be that far off…

+  Colourblock Toe Ballet Flats – I have a pair of black penny loafers I’m going to do this too. As soon as I get the paint and some nice weather. 

+ Strawberry Ice – This is up there on my summer ‘will dos’ along with freezing coffee into ice cubes and putting them in a glass of cold (lactose free) milk. 

+ Observatorythis picture by Brian Ferry. Because it reminds me of Taiwan last summer and when we went to the mountains for the weekend. And I had never been that high up but the sun set and I couldn’t stop taking pictures and there were all these little huts on the sides (literally, the sides. You always hear that and think it can’t be true but it is.). The sun was setting and everything just got kind of hazy and I knew that, while I might not want to go back, I was just really glad I was there. So yes, that picture. 


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