Weekend Round-Up

Weekend Round Up







1.) Pumpkin torte that my mother made. Pretty sure I had a solid four pieces.

2.) Our family makes homemade pizza like nobody’s business. The size of cookie sheets and all of the toppings.

3. & 4.) The view from my hammock this weekend.

5.) Yellow shoes for the spring.

6.) Delicious rice in an awesome bag.

My mother and I babysat my cousin’s kids for the weekend and the weather was sunny with wind and afforded some quality hammock time. Then my Victoria Day laziness went from sleeping in to a massage to a  Zoomba workout (with a side of yes, still sorting through boxes), which I’m going to count as a win.

Things I’m Loving:

+ What is next for women’s soccer? – The WPS officially finished last Friday, sadly, and this article talks about what the future looks like for the sport.

+ 6 Portrait Lighting Patterns Every Photographer Should Know – A fantastically thorough piece on lighting and the steps on how to have that kind of lighting for your portraits. Definitely something I’ve bookmarked.


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