Summer Days

After almost a full a week of rain and clouds and high winds we finally, finally, have had more than a few hours of sun. And we’re taking advantage of it. Everything from reading to doing homework to watching the match during lunch to playing catch/soccer are things we’re all taking outside. Just because we can.

Just started working for the summer and ho boy. I have no idea how and unlimited amounts of respective for people who maintain a blog almost daily and yet have a full time other job, plus kids. So much awe. It’s something I’m going to have to learn real quick since yesterday was the first real day that I had my camera out in a week and I’d missed it so much.






Things I’m Loving:

Reader’s Travel Photography – I have a thing for water. It’s like my thing for the colour blue and mangoes. These are all beautifully done and it’s interesting to see how people can take the same challenge and fulfill it differently.

Howler – Last month I know I linked to XI Quarterly in a post, but, in my opinion, there is no such thing as too many magazines on North American soccer. Yes, both are quarterlies, and yes, both have the same kind of vision, but just from the videos, it’s obvious that they’re going about it in two different ways. Check it out and if you’re a fan, or if you think it’s something that’s important, send a couple of dollars their way.

+ Women Who Watch – A female journalist’s opinion on the new While the Men Watch CBC program and what it means to serious female hockey/sports journalists/fans. Inspired by the article While Men Watch Hockey, the women get frustrated with CBC. Unless it’s the Canadian team, I’ll admit that I’m not a hockey fan. But the fact that these women, who don’t understand the game and who admit to not understanding, are being toted as ‘the female fans’ is insulting. Ellen Etchingham makes a good point in her article:

“That’s the excruciating thing, the thing that makes the elevation of While the Men Watch to the national spotlight so acutely painful: it would be so easy to have done it the right way. The CBC wants an alternate feed for casual fans? One that brings a lighter, sexier, more playful tone to the game? Great. Find people who can bring that fun, irreverent perspective and also have the knowledge to back it up, who could talk about the hottness of players and explain a little bit about power play strategy while they’re doing it. It doesn’t have to be an either/or. Light doesn’t have to mean ignorant. And, if you’re aim is to turn non-fans into fans, wouldn’t light and passionate about hockey be a better marketing strategy than light and contemptuous of hockey? Wouldn’t it have been better for everyone to reach out to non-fans through the voices of people who love the game?”

+ Stadiums of Hate (12) – If you’re a soccer fan and haven’t seen this preceding the Euros next week, do so. It’s a half hour bit on the racism in soccer, to put it simply. Families of various black players have already said that they won’t be attending the games unless they reach the semi-/finals. Both the Ukraine and Poland have, of course, come out saying that there’s racism in every stadium you go to, which, sadly, is true. The New York Times ran an interesting article on it yesterday.


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