Garfield Was Right About Mondays

You know what’s terrible? Not starting out the week properly. With a list of things to do and being late for class and feeling like, even though it’s only the start of the week, you’re already so far behind. (Alright, switch out ‘you’re’ and add ‘I’m’ and that’ll be more accurate.)

However! Then I went all ‘super-journalism-woman’ in the newsroom today and voila! Pictures were taken, phone calls were made, articles were written, finished, edited. And that made me feel like I was back on track. Even if I still have a grossly long list of things to do….-sigh-



I know, not the best sports photography (and when will people realize that any sort of gym is just utter crap for pictures?), but, it is something that I’m working on, so, I’m using this as my starting point, to come back to in a few months and see how I’ve advanced (or how far I haven’t, which I’d rather not think about…)

Tomorrow is another issue of The Pioneer going live, so I’ll have the studio (!!! another thing I very rarely do) photos up, along with the story. Here’s to another busy week!

Things I’m Loving:

+ WPS 2012 Season Cancelled(1, 2, 3)  – Okay, so this one is an utter lie and I don’t love it, at all. Considering the fact that, just yesterday, was the last day of the CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifiers in Vancouver, which drew a record breaking crowd for women’s soccer. But, hopefully my WPS will be back, and stronger!, next season!

+ Seeing Red – An interesting read on why soccer should be Canada’s sport. Beautifully written, with history and colourful writing. What more can you ask for?

+ Shooters Creed – What do photographers believe in? This photographers creed gives a bit of a hint.

+ Chai Shortbread Cookies – I love shortbread cookies. Hands down my favourite. Not only that, but chai is my favourite kind of tea. So, basically: Best. Cookies. Ever.


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