Kitchen Picnic

I told you I’d come with pictures. And I did! (See, I can keep my word!)











Shots from our get together on Monday. We’ve gone from having full out, house full, slightly loud pot lucks, to sitting on the kitchen floor, fairly quiet meals. Which is basically delicious and helps clean out the fridge. Afterwards there’s never ending cups of tea and movies (A Clockwork Orange anybody?).

Things I’m Loving:

+ Famous Photographers Posed With Their Most Famous Photographs – An interesting project that shows the photographers with their photographs (which, really, is the title). Mostly because nobody ever really puts a face to the picture. As well, it gives their thoughts on the picture and whatnot. Just quite interesting, really.

+ Boy by Band of Outsiders – I don’t wear labels, have never worn labels, and highly doubt I will really wear too many in the near future. However, Boy by Band of Outsiders? On my luuuust list. (Except maybe #15, tbh. #17 however, I’d wear all day, every day (maybe every other day…)).

+ Nutella Filled Sugar Donuts –  I like making my own food and one day I will make my own donuts. And when I do, these will be the first ones I make. However, with the amount of time I don’t have to dedicate to baking, I’ll just stop off at Tim’s on my way to class.

+ Five to Watch at ACoN 2012 – If you didn’t know, the Africa Cup of Nations is going on right now. Which means, yay! scouts from clubs are roaming with check books for new blood. Here’s a bit of a start to see who they’re looking at (and who a new face might be in your club).


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