Studio Work

So the third issue of The Pioneer that my classmates and I put together can be found here, with my story on page 5.

It was the first time in a long time that I’d been in the studio, and I’d really almost….missed it. Something about being able to control all of the elements in a photo is something that makes you feel proud of your end result, knowing that you were the one making it happen.

And here are some other shots we tried:


Today was another one of those ‘get all the things done!’ type of days I’m coming to really like. I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’ll hold off spilling the beans until things are concrete, but, it was one of those good days you feel happy about at the end of. 


Oh! And I fulfilled my commitment to try and shoot more sports. So basketball shots will be headed within the next few days. From what I could tell on my screen (lol, worst thing to judge a picture on, really), I might have actually done a decent job. 


Things I’m Loving:


+  Ten Best Food Blogs to Bookmark – I think I actually had about half of these bookmarked to begin with, but the others were a wonderful treat to go check out. And food photography? Will always be some of my favourite photography to look at. 


+ A-Z of Personal Style – Things are just made so much simpler when put in an A-Z format. As well, we always seem to forget the simple things, and this points them all out. 


+ Silence Over Gay Footballers – “There are currently around 5,000 professional footballers in Britain, but none are openly gay. Amal Fashanu, niece of Justin Fashanu, asks why no gay player has followed in her uncle’s boots in nearly 25 years.” Such a compelling read, and, asks a very intriguing question. 


+ Coffee With That Outfit – Coffee coloured pieces for a wonderfully relaxed, and slightly man inspired, outfit. I want those pants in my life for this spring. 


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