So this week was the first week that I worked on the school paper. While most of us had two articles published, I only had one (sadface) BUT! that wasn’t because of anything other than the fact that my second story is so awesome that it got pushed back until our Tuesday back (Jan. 31) so that I could do it the justice it deserves. (And up and coming athletes with Olympic ambitions deserves lots of justice).

Remember the daycare? The one with the ridiculously adorable children and the sign language? Well, I wrote a story to go with it, and then stuck a picture with it and voila! My first*  article published in a (n online) newspaper.


The whole paper is here, if you’d like to check it out, and my story is on page four.

That should explain as to why I’ve basically been MIA. This is something so completely new and I haven’t been that drained at the end of a day in so long. Thank goodness we have the day off tomorrow for all the things I neglected to do during the week!

*actually it’s my second but the first was in a small town paper that doesn’t have a website, so I can’t flaunt that one

Things I’m Loving:

+ Blood Orange Margaritas – I don’t know if it’s because my friends are PhotoJ’s or if it’s because they’re half Mexican, but they drink tequila like water (in a classy way, of course). And I know they would love this. So, next up for Friday night drinks? 🙂

+ Houses By Night – This actually makes me think of those little Christmas villages, except DIY and cheaper. But I would totally make a set of these for my front windows and place them on the ledge inside. (Except the cat would knock them off and destroy them. 😦 )

+ Pitchside Photo – I’ve been through so many football (and for those of you who are like my father, I do mean soccer) blogs/articles/websites/etc. in the last few days I can’t even begin to tell you where I found this, but I love it. Paul shoots non-league football games, and you can really see the love that these players have for the sport.

+ Chairlift – Their second album can be streamed online for you to listen to. Do it! Do it now. Because it’s perfect for an evening with tea or hot chocolate and a good book.

His Girl Friday (but not really)


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