Less Than ‘A Little’

The title really sums up how much sleep I’ve had in the last week. I got back to Belleville on Monday evening, went out for supper, and then 8 am class on Tuesday and it’s been almost non-stop since. Yet not in a ‘taking pictures’ sort of way. In a ‘you’re now running a paper, bring us all of the ideas’ sort of way that has me actually pounding out more words than clicking a shutter. Which, to be completely honest, is a nice change in pace. However, it also means that I have NONE OF THE PICTURES to post for you. Oh, wait. I may have one:


But, seriously. Between all the prep for the launch of the newspaper next Tuesday (don’t worry, I will link you), it’s been a whirlwind of writing and ideas and putting all the pieces together. Which, is quite fine by me. I’ve missed the whole writing part of all of this. Besides, writing does mean editorial, which means researching my newest love: women in professional sports and the discrepancy between men’s professional sports and women’s. (And here you thought I was all about just the pretty.)


Things I’m Loving:


+ The FOX Soccer Soccer Night in America Special – Which focuses on Women’s Pro Soccer (WPS) and how they’re gaining fans and how to help women’s pro sports, in general. Hands down my favourite video of the week. (And originally tweeted by @womensprosoccer)

+ 73 Letterpress – I don’t even know what to describe it as, other than a beautifully designed set of phrases I kind of want framed and scattered around my house. This one especially. And this one inspires me. 

+ Jason Wu for Target –  Basically, I want it all. But especially #’s 11 – 14. Perfect blend of girl meets boy. (Except I am a student, so I’ll just go find similar pieces at Value Village. #likeaboss)

+ Sid Lowe – I am basically the last person to this party (but that’s not exactly surprising at this point), but ugh. I’ve got this new interest/fascination/addiction/what have you with sports journalism (and of course my sports I do mean football, but I digress) and I’ve basically gone through and read almost every single article of his in the last week. This has led me to the conclusion that sports journalism = art. It really is. So if you’re looking for me in the next few weeks, you’ll find me lost amongst all the football articles. 


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