Between the Shops

I actually have images to show…tomorrow. But, right now, it’s late, I’m watching the Canadian Women’s National (Soccer) Team playing against Costa Rica’s WNT, and the thought that I still have to upload/edit all those photos is just not appealing. (Not to mention the fact that opening Photoshop would mean my stream would probably stutter, which is so not cool.)

So, instead, I’m going to leave you with a video. A silly/random/bizarre video, but a video nonetheless. That I did for class. Based on the alleys of town. (I told you it was silly/random/bizarre.)

Between the Shops from Amielle Christopherson on Vimeo.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Karina LeBlanc – The goal keeper for #CanWNT (shhhh. I’ve been tweeting it all weekend. Don’t judge.) has, quite seriously, the most rocking hair. I mean, the rest of her is rocking as well (as is her personality), but her hair? Giving me some serious hair envy.

[Random Note: before/at the beginning of any football matches, I always congratulate the players on their fab hair. And yet, the men get more compliments than the girls. I feel like something needs to be explained here… #iamashallowbastard]

+ Watch Out, Boys – An article from a dad with a little girl who loves superheroes, who asks the question, “What do you do with a little kid who loves super-ladies?” Lovely read, really.

+ Dress Shirt Dress Up – I like guy’s clothes more than most girls. (Ask my sister. She wants me to go into therapy.) So how to dress up a men’s dress shirt for the females? Ace article in my books.

+ MIchael Pimentel, Sports Photographer – A self taught sports photographer who shot the 2004 Olympic Games. Oh, and he’s deaf. Which always reminds me of my friend/classmate Tristan (minus the Olympic shooting part). But he gives some pretty alright tips. Which is kind of up my alley right now, with this whole new ‘sports obsession’ thing I’ve picked up.


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