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My favourite restaurant in Madrid was, hands down, Naif. There was just something about it. The exposed brick walls, the light fixtures, the low, stuffed sofas. And then there was the food. The food.  There was always trying and sharing and making sure nothing was left over as we spent the afternoon eating and talking, drinking coffee as we checked our watches to see how much time we had left before we absolutely had to leave.







If you’re going to visit, go in the afternoon. The lunch menu, as is generally the case,  is definitely the best option, price wise. You have the choice of either an 8€ or 10€ option. Both get you a drink with your meal and either dessert or coffee afterwards. I’ve never seen it crowded enough to not get a seat and there’s a patio out front that’s also available. As with any meal you’ll have in Spain, you can linger for hours on end, enjoying your food, your coffee, your dessert, the company.  It’s in an awesome area,  as well, and before, afterwards, a walk is in order, looking in shops and boutiques, taking it slowly. I promise a good afternoon.

Things I’m Loving:

+ Peanut butter and bananas – (Sounds so, so good.)
+ This summer, citrus salad – (Delicious AND colourful.)
+ This side table DIY – (Holler at my dad to make this together when I get home.)
+ Every single one of these outfits – (I want them all.)


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