Food, Madrid, Spain



My favourite restaurant in Madrid was, hands down, Naif. There was just something about it. The exposed brick walls, the light fixtures, the low, stuffed sofas. And then there was the food. The food.  There was always trying and sharing and making sure nothing was left over as we spent the afternoon eating and talking, drinking coffee as we checked our watches to see how much time we had left before we absolutely had to leave. Continue reading


Details, Details

Did a quick shoot for a restaurant review that we’re publishing today. 12 Grill, if you’re interested. The last three are just detail shots I did since I had the few extra minutes and, well, that’s what you do if you have a camera in your hands. You take pictures.





Speaking of, I got my film developed (yay!) and I’ll try and scan the pictures (the ones I want to share because, really, no one wants to see most of them) sometime this weekend. I’ll say more when I do post them, but it was good in a ‘I learned something new’ kind of way.

Things I’m Loving:

XI Quarterly – A new, North American quarterly football magazine that’s on Kickstarter trying to raise money to get published. Definitely excited for when this kicks off and I get it in my hands. Things North America needs: thoughtful magazines dedicated to football. (Kind of like The Green Soccer Journal).

Bon Iver at AIR Studios – 24 minutes of live Bon Iver. I’ve listened to it….6? 7 times today? Mellow (because that’s how Bon Iver is, really), and perfect for that background music that you can really work to.

Andrew Gibson: Stay – It’s poetry month and between two or three friends I’m definitely getting my poem-a-day fix (which is great). Here’s some spoken poetry. I dare you to not start it over once you’ve heard it once. (I did it. Three times. Once I like something, I really like something.)

+ L’Aviva Scarves – I adore scarves. I get so many each year that there’s basically just this rainbow of material over the door of my closet, weighing the poor thing down. These ones are bright and patterned and big. Things to love, really.