Madrid, Spain

A Weekend in Madrid


Last weekend was spent in Madrid and I was so very, very close to hugging a building. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed this city until we were driving into it and there were signs for Conde de Casal and Mendez Alvaro and it felt like coming home, which was both terrifying and wonderful at the same time because it’s not, not anymore. In less than a month, I’ll be flying from Madrid, with pitstops in Reykjavik and New York, Montreal and Calgary before finally, finally landing home in Regina. But ah, Madrid.



I didn’t get to spend much time in the city. Friday I did spend the afternoon in Tribunal, having coffee and then lunch at my favourite spots before heading up to Callao because I wanted to hit up the Fnac for my favourite notebooks. Saturday and Sunday were spent with friends of the family, eating paella and B-BQ ribs, spending time in pools, going out for dinner at a roadside restaurant where we had calamari and pigs’ ears and patatas bravas and the kids ran around before we headed home and slept.



Sunday evening was mine and I met Melissa and she brought me presents and we walked. Up from Atocha to Anton Martin and stopped for dinner. Dessert was up at Sol and then we walked over to Plaza de Cibeles and back down the Paseo del Prado and I realized how deeply this city has buried itself inside of my feelings, how much I have come to love it and how much, how very, very much I am going to miss it when it’s finally time for me to fly away, even if the place I’m flying away to is home.


Things I’m Loving:

+ This site – (Because the art is beautiful and lovely and I want to hang it on my wall.)
+ This song – (Is what I’m currently playing on repeat.)
+ Lifehacks for Chrome – (All in one place, which makes it even easier.)
+ DIY Leather Sandals – (Because there’s still a month left of summer.)


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