Favourite Photogs: Cass Bird


If I was going to pick someone who catches the modern world in her lens, I’d have to say it’s Cass Bird.  (You know her from Pharrell William’s Girl cover.) Her photography is fun and bright and happy. (It’s also kind of mostly verticals which is strange, neat and cool because I’m one of those people who shoot horizontal on a regular basis but….strange, because I’m one of those people who….you get the idea.) But her photography reminds me of a twenty-something year old snapping bubblegum and giving you a wink as she turns up the music just this side of probably too loud. Not only that, but her work is also a mini collection of who’s who: Jay-Z, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Chastain, Brittney Griner, that guy from Girls, I mean Adam Driver. If that’s not what’s in, I don’t know what is. 






What catches my eye about her photography is that you can tell she’s a twenty-something. There’s something fresh and vibrant that she brings to her work. She’s not afraid to try something new. She’s got girls in tuxes climbing doorways, for goodness sakes. There’s open mouthed laughing and that’s a thing I really like that you have to work for, making someone feel at ease enough to make them laugh largely like that. She plays with angles and posing and, basically, if I needed to get a new profile picture, I’d ask her to take it, y’know?








Things I’m Loving:

+ This summer challenge – (A little bit late, but still fun to do!)
+ Graphs for parents of U-25’s – (Almost my new reality.)
+ For our lips this summer – (Love the canister!)
+ For girls AND boys – (Everyone, really.)




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