Food, Madrid, Spain

Friends with Food


Or Food with Friends. Both titles work. Both are fantastic. Also: do you know how hungry a person gets when they see photos of food pile up on their desktop? Let me tell you: very.  They’ve been sitting there for weeks and I kept telling myself I’d get rid of them, stop that hunger and yet, there they sat. So now, after I’ve left Madrid, after I’ve sat for hours with friends and have drunk copious amounts of coffee and laughed over plates of food and said good-bye to those people that made Madrid Madrid for me, I’m clearing my desktop.  Just a little bit. 




Gaudemas Cafe



Han Gang


Taste Gallery






Alma Cafe



San Sapori

I’m going to miss that. The going out for dinner and ice cream and good lunch deals. Glasses of wine and sangria that are sipped over long conversations and cups of coffee in the afternoon in various cafes around the city.  There were always surprises and new places,  favourite places and new dishes. I’ll miss it, but there will be new places to explore and new friends to make and, well, lots of ‘new’ in the coming months.

Things I’m Loving: 

+ 5 books suggested by Simon Kuper – (I need the Zlatan autobiography, stat.)
This World Cup timeline is beautiful – (Informational and beautiful, best of both worlds.)
Cheering against Argentina – (Football’s not always friendly.)
27 worst haircuts in football – (Sometimes these guys make dumb decisions.)



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